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About us?

First of all, we love Gliding. We practice this sport from 1986. During all these years we have cultivated our senses to be able to keep us in the air with the only aid of the energy of the Nature. We have enjoyed the adventure that each flight means with the uncertainty of returning to the field. And, specially, we have shared with our companions of flight all those emotions that surround us in our sport: joys, frustration, euphoria, fear, pleasure....

We also love books, wisdom sources that have helped us to reach the level of theoretical knowledge required in this sport.

The bookstore is a project that is born with idea to attract general public to the sport of Gliding, and to approach books, very specialized and generally difficult to find, to the gliding pilots.

Gliding Bookshop is associated to Libreria Tropos and covers a desert space, being the first bookstore exclusively dedicated to Soaring.

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Guillermo Gil.
Pza. de Valsaín, 1, 4º Izq.
Madrid 28027
NIF ES-2631542-C

Web Master & Store

Tiziano Gil.
Albala, 9, Blq. E, 5-1.
Madrid 28037



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