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Sky Full of Heat  * * * * *

Author: Sebastian Kawa
Binding: Paperback
Edition: First Edition
ISBN: 978-1481147354
Language: English
Pages: 346
Publisher: SCG
Size: 255 x 180mm
Year: Dec 2012
Vote(s): 4
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50.00 €
In stock: yes
Weight: 700 g


Sky Full of Heat


Sebastian Kawa, eight time World Champion and his secrets of success: passion, knowledge and experience. The most extreme side of the extreme sports.


Sebastian talks about sailing and flying, his first flights and first competitions, wins and loses, gliders and avionics, safety and taking necessary risk.


How to plan cross country flights, how to use thermals, where to look for them, how to win competitions and tons of other tips from the world’s best.


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