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Advanced Soaring Made Easy 3rd Ed.  * * * * *

Author: Bernard Ecke
Binding: Hardcover
Edition: Third Edition
Language: English
Pages: 432
Publisher: Future Aviation
Size: 200 x 270 mm
Year: 2012
Vote(s): 2
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In stock: yes
Weight: 2000 g


Advanced Soaring Made Easy 3rd Ed.


Most books on gliding are specifically tailored to either beginners or competition pilots but gliding enthusiasts trying to make the transition from solo pilot to a competent cross-country pilot are often searching in vain for suitable literature. But thanks to Bernard Eckey they can now stop looking. The third edition of his bestseller “Advanced Soaring Made Easy” is now available.

Bernard is the South Australian Head Coach and with almost 3500 hours of safe gliding experience (including multiple 1000 km flights and one 1116 km FAI triangle) he is more than qualified to explain the entire theory behind advanced cross country soaring.

The third edition is printed in full colour. It bridges the gap between the first solo flight and competitive cross-country flying and even prepares the aspiring pilot for the psychological hurdles of the sport.Two multiple World Champions such as Ingo Renner and Michael Sommer have written a foreword and are right behind this new work. Almost every page contains information on how to transform new knowledge into practical benefits. Readers will instantly see that specific and systematic training paves the way for even more fun and enjoyment in gliding.  


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