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Advanced Soaring Made Easy

Written in plain language, this bookt aims to help others discover the true fascination of gliding: cross-country flights.

40.00 €
Out of stock
Advanced Soaring Made Easy 3rd Ed.

New, revised and extended third edition of the bestseller 'Advanced Soaring Made Easy' (almost 100 additional pages compared to the second edition).

40.00 €
Competing in Gliders

This handsome volume, by two of Italy's foremost competition pilots, is must
reading for pilots who want to improve their competition skills and
cross-country performance.

50.00 €
Dancing with the wind

Manual of sailplane slope and wave soaring techniques. Everything you need to know in order to fly in the wind, happy and safe.

50.00 €
Sky Full of Heat


Sebastian Kawa, eight time World Champion and his secrets of success: passion, knowledge and experience. The most extreme side of the extreme sports.




50.00 €
Winning II

This book reviewed the principles by which glider pilots learn to fly better, faster, safer and more competitively.

35.00 €
Out of stock
XXX Campionati del Mondo di Volo a Vela 2008
The 30th World Gliding Championship was memorable for the excellent weather conditions. On this book, you will find a complete description of all participating teams, daily tasks, daily weather forecast and, of course, the competition chronicles. Experience a World Gliding Championship!
27.00 €
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