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Welcome to Gliding Bookshop

Find the best ever Soaring Books. More of 70 Gliding Books written in English, French and Spanish for your pleasure. Gliding and Instruction Manuals, Glider Aerobatics, Mountain Flying, Aerodynamics, Meteo and much more ...

Do not miss the scale models and the simulator we have just added for you !!!

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In this occasion we offer the famous French Blue Book, very extended in France for Gliding initation. The French training has a deserved reputation of methodical and well structured, being the great responsible this book, developed by three instructors of the SFACT ( Aeronautical Formation Service and Technical Control) Gabriel Chenevoy, Robert Prat and Jean-Michel Thellier under the supervision of René Hersen.

Presented in a blue cover together with a small Book of Progression, this manual is really attractive by the number of colorfull illustrations that help to assimilate all the offered information, organized and displayed in a really pedagogical way.

Save! 20% off, only until 30TH September 2016 or end of existences.

New Releases in Gliding Bookshop !!!

What a celebration! .... the expected Federico’s books have reached Gliding Bookshop. His books, reveal the secrets of Mountain Wave, and such is the extension of the subject that he offers to us two volumes: Ondas Atmosféricas y Vuelo sin Motor, with a historical, theoretical and practical approach to Gliding and Atlas de Nubes de Onda, which focuses on the study of wave clouds.

Now, if you want to play with the wind ... reading Dancing with the wind it´s a must. Jean-Marie Clément, in possession of 27 French records and 6 World records, gives us a true masterpiece to understand and master the wave flying . Do not miss it !!!

Scale Sailplanes

Another recent element is the scale models of gliders we are trying to gather for you. Some are of special historical interest as they have flown in our country; like the Baby, Foka, Blanik, etc. and others are simply spectacular like the ASK-21 and the LS-8a, both with more than 50 cm. span.

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